From Australia to Prague

I met parents of this little gentleman through my friends. He was born in Prague but prior to that he traveled almost around the world. Now, Prague is his hometown and considering his parents heritage he will definitely be cosmopolitan.

Our family/newborn session was just smooth and peaceful. So much full of connection and just relaxed. I loved that peacefulness so much that I´d just love this type of atmosphere every single time. I am happy I could be there for you. Thank you for letting me in your family. Thank you for bringing the yellow plaid – something what means sooooo much to you. It is awesome that it was done by the grand-grand-mum as a special gift fot the baby. Awesome job of that lady who I never met, I can only immagine her – her wrinkles, her wisdom, how much she is looking forward to meet this little one in person.

So yes, thank you all for being here and calling my number to be able to take these relaxed, authentic photos full of coonection for you.



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